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Welcome to Eastminster
Are you looking for a warm and welcoming church home for your family?  We would be delighted if you
would join us.
Sunday Worship begins at 10:00 a.m.
Education hour begins at 11:00 a.m.
What’s Happening
20th Anniversary Logo Contest
In 2019, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary!!! 
We are having a logo design contest and here are the rules:
  The logo should reflect the theme “Rooted in Faith, Grounded in Love, Sharing in Community” 
Welcome, Kelly Fluker
We are pleased that Kelly Fluker, our new Administrative Assistant has joined us.
Kelly can be reached in the church office at 864-284-0190 or admin@eastminster.com. She will be in the office Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm.
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October Highlights

Sunday, October 7 –  11:00 am Stewardship Lunch – 1:00 pm Stewart Farms Corn Maize

Sunday, October 14 –  4:00 pm WAMM (Worship, Arts, Music and Mission)

Sunday, October 14 – 5:30 pm Fellowship Meal

Sunday, October 14 – 6:00 pm Youth Fellowship

Friday, October 26  – 6:00 pm Church Family Campout

Sunday, October 28  – 4:00 pm WAMM (Worship, Arts, Music and Mission)

Sunday, October 28  – 5:30 pm Fellowship Meal

Sunday, October 28  – 6:00 pm Youth Fellowship

Narative Lectionary Fall 2018

The narrative lectionary respects the traditional Christian church year, with its principal seasons
— Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. It also respects the rhythms of the school
year. During the fall, the Old Testament texts will be the primary scripture for proclaiming the
biblical story during Sunday morning worship. These same texts will be used in Preschool,
Elementary, and Middle School Sunday School classes.
October 7
“Covenant and Commandments”
Exodus 19:3-7; 20:1-17
God brings Israel as on eagle’s wings; Decalogue
October 14
“Joshua Renews the Covenant”
Joshua 24:1-15 [16-26]
Story of God’s deliverance.  Joshua says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”
October 21
“David and Bathsheba”
2 Samuel [11:1-5, 26-27]; 12:1-9
Nathan’s parable indicts David after his sin with Bathsheba.
David repents.
October 28
“Solomon’s Wisdom”
1 Kings 3:4-9, (10-15), 16-28
Solomon prays for wisdom; two women and a child
November 4
“Elisha Heals Naaman”
2 Kings 5:1-15a
Elisha heals Naaman, a foreigner and leper
November 11
Micah [1:3-5]; 5:2-5a; 6:6-8
God promises a ruler from Bethlehem
November 18
“Swords into Plowshares”
Isaiah 36:1-3, 13-20; 37:1-7; then 2:1-4
King Hezekiah despair Isaiah says the city will be saved and nations will beat swords into plowshares.
November 25
“Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon”
Jeremiah 1:4-10; 7:1-11
Prophetic call as warning; temple as den of robbers