Eastminster Presbyterian joined Greenville Organized for Accountable Leadership (GOAL) in May of 2023. It is a diverse coalition of faith communities across Greenville County, SC, who answer the call to “do justice” by bringing together people to solve entrenched local community problems at their root. The focus in 2024 is to encourage city and county leadership to increase the availability of Affordable Housing all over the county and have more reliable Mental Health Crisis access through the 988 national hotline. Participants at EPC attend house meetings to help choose GOAL objectives for the coming year, which are forwarded to GOAL leadership. After choosing each year’s areas of emphasis and study solutions to improve both situations, the effort will culminate with the attendance of 50-70 EPC congregants and friends at the Nehemiah Action meeting on April 15, 2024. At that meeting, where we’ll join about 2000 other faith community members, we’ll let our elected officials know how important these two focus areas are to our communities and our proposed solutions to those issues.

Please contact GOAL Team Leaders Scott Carlson or Brenda Smith for more information about participation in this important Justice EPC Ministry.